No more boring Friday afternoons! Zoom Side Door resumes on 1/8/21 and will continue to meet most Fridays. For more information, click here to email

Since 2004, Side Door has been offering Montclair middle school students a safe space where they can spend Fridays after school with their friends. After COVID-19 hit, we moved that safe space online, and continued our Fridays together via Zoom. We might not be able to physically spend Fridays together, but we can still hang out, meet new people, and have fun on our computers, tablets and phones.

Zoom Side Door will meet most Fridays after school, beginning on September 18th. Kids who receive a Zoom link will be able to connect, check-in, and then be moved to a breakout room/activity of their choice. The breakout rooms will be hosted by Side Door staff and volunteers (area college students), and they will be offering a variety of games and activities based on the interests and enthusiasms of the kids in each room. Participants can switch rooms at any time.Zoom Side Door is a place where middle school students can simply spend time and have fun with their friends, classmates and neighbors, without worrying that someone won’t wear a mask or remain socially distant.. a place where kids can spend time with old friends, make new ones, and be entertained and engaged on Fridays after school.

Each Friday morning a zoom link is mailed to the ZSD distribution list. To be included, simply send an email to Emails can be sent directly to students, but a parent email is a must.



Check out this video of the latest SideDoor Creation!



Susan Johnson

Director, The Side Door