Side Door is opening for its 19th year on 9/24/21 for mostly outdoor activities. See you then! Click here to email


Attendees will be asked to agree to the following code of conduct the 1st time they attend Side Door:

While at Side Door I promise:

  • NEVER to bully OR to use language that is:  racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic;
  • To wear a mask when asked;
  • To follow instructions from staff and volunteers;
  • To arrive and leave quietly, and to be respectful of the church’s neighbors;
  • To sign in each time I arrive, sign out each time I leave, and to wear a name tag at all times while on church property;
  • To respect EVERYONE at Side Door by using appropriate language, cleaning up after myself, and being helpful when asked;
  • To respect church property by not littering, taking care of the equipment, and reporting any accidental mishaps to a staff member or volunteer;
  •  I understand that if I fail to follow these rules, I may be asked to leave, and my parents will be notified.

Signed:  ________________________________________  Date:  ___________