Side Door is OPEN 4/29, 5/6, 5/13 & 5/20. For more details select 'Calendar' from the menu bar, or email for more information.


Attendees will be asked to agree to the following code of conduct the 1st time they attend Side Door:

While at Side Door I promise:

  • NEVER to bully OR to use language that is:  racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic;
  • To wear a mask when asked;
  • To follow instructions from staff and volunteers;
  • To arrive and leave quietly, and to be respectful of the church’s neighbors;
  • To sign in each time I arrive, sign out each time I leave, and to wear a name tag at all times while on church property;
  • To respect EVERYONE at Side Door by using appropriate language, cleaning up after myself, and being helpful when asked;
  • To respect church property by not littering, taking care of the equipment, and reporting any accidental mishaps to a staff member or volunteer;
  •  I understand that if I fail to follow these rules, I may be asked to leave, and my parents will be notified.

Signed:  ________________________________________  Date:  ___________